Winter- Spring Wishlist

As it is nearing the spring/ summer seasons, I thought it would be fun to compile a small wishlist. So here are some of the items I have been eye-ing up on ZAFUL (when I ought to have been revising- oops!). The items on this website are super affordable and good quality here is just a small selection of the things I've been adoring for the coming-up season.

Birds are leaving over autumn's ending

It's been a long while guys, but that's no surprise really is it? Oops. I thought I'd showcase a few pictures of a shoot that I did over two years ago now, as these are some of my favourite photos and also I'm quite busy revising for my A Level exams at the moment (so excuse the absence).  However, I thought these might act as a good filler for now and once I have the time to sort out my newer photos I will be sure to upload them...

I want to see things I've never seen, Quietly happy and live by the sea

As this academic school year is nearing the end, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find the motivation and enjoyment to study. However, I think it is definitely about time to pick up the speed, as exams are dawning quickly upon me and I am beginning to wonder when I'll ever feel prepared for them. However, last weekend my friend came down from Cambridge to visit me for my birthday party so here are a few photos she took of me on the third day. The rest will come soon! Her friends also came down for Sunday, which was especially nice because I got to pretend as though I was a tourist for a day and showed them the Varsity Club (where you can see the whole view of Oxford). We also went out for dinner at Mamma Mia, which was super nice as the wine cream pasta is always a great shout.

Anyway, that is all I have for now as I have to get back to studying! Yay (!)

P.S I have an exciting post coming up soon, as Moon Waves Clothing was kind enough to gift me a few pieces which I'd like to showcase!

Super Sonic, Ashmolean

As promised, here are some of the photos from Live Friday. Enjoy! 
           Ciao, Jess xx

🎼 Someone that Loves You- Honne